This Little Sunday....

This little Sunday is going to be absolutely perfect.

This week was rough. They seem as though they've been rough lately. It was rough, until I decided to commit myself to changing that. I'm sure I will touch on it more, but I have been advised to look inward, not outwardly for what I really want, what really makes me happy. Thus brought along my inner need for change. So, while I'm not ready to put it out in blog land, I am excited for what's transforming (changing) to make my weeks, months, years ahead less rough.

I got a sewing machine this last Christmas and I cannot believe I haven't used it yet! I figured the 25% off coupon I received from JoAnn's this last week was a sign telling me to go buy fabric, pins, scissors, thread and start creating. I went to the fabric store last night and got the supplies necessary to make myself an apron and make Wyatt a pair of flannel pajama pants (yes, those are trains)!

I am so, so tired of eating out. I feel like that's all I've done this last week for lunch and dinner, and even breakfast a few times. This week I hope to eat in more, starting with the steaks that are in the fridge to grill tonight! It will be our first session since last fall and I cannot wait. I say OUR first grill session because Wyatt grills and I eat. Speaking of eating in, Wyatt was sick recently and I had my mom send me her ultimate Chicken Noodle Soup recipe... You know, the one your mom made you when you were a kid? She pulled this one out from her old, old Betty Crocker cookbook and said that this was how her Grandma used to make it. Trust me, you will not go wrong with it, and it was so easy to make! I love the worn look of the recipe, it reminds me how often it's been used.

I was supposed to go on a fun shopping trip to Seattle with my mom in a few weeks and I ended up canceling to be responsible. Shopping in Seattle with her is my absolute #1 favorite thing to do, but I figured we had other things to take care of before I did that. So, I decided that while I may not blow a ton of money there, I might spend a little today and try and find some new throw pillows for our couch. I'm thinking florals. I kind of like these from Pier One?

I hope you have a fantastic week and a perfect little Sunday also!


  1. Rough days and weeks (...and even months and years) are tough, but keep in mind that they won't last forever! Jeremiah 17:7-8

    And love that throw pillow!! You could totally sew those!! Love it! Xo

  2. You should definitely find yourself some cute fabric and sew your own pillows. Its pretty easy and super fun. I did it a few weeks back and posted about it if you are interested :) I seriously love mine. Happy sewing!


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