Good Reads Thursday

Happy first day of spring! Right?

..... Right?

I woke up this morning to all the Instagram posts about it being the first day of spring, and I was so excited, as excited as I could be at 6:30am!

I head downstairs, leash the dogs up for their morning relief time, step outside...

Well, yeah. Not spring quite yet here. It was freezing. So freezing that my dog was lifting her little paws to keep her feet off the ground. Like, -10 degrees below zero cold.

Happy spring in Alaska!

So, instead of talking about our fab weather here in the North, I will instead talk about a few good reads I came across this week!

  • Hayley at A Beautiful Exchange posted this recently... Combatting Comparisons and loving your husband. - If you know me, you know I love reading/writing about marriage and relationships. There is always so much to learn, grow and change from your marriage and I soak it all in. Soak this post in, it's a good one!

  • Christina at Carolina Charm has officially made the best Carrot Cake ever and my mouth seriously watered when I saw her photos. Carrot Cake is my ultimate weakness and I had this on my list to make this week and then ran out of time. But, it's still on my list for as soon as I can and trust me, I cannot wait. 

  • Cait at Home Sweet Ruby has made me 100% envious of her gorgeous master bedroom update. I have been bitten by the spring cleaning/house makeover bug and it's bit me hard. So, I am taking her room as inspiration because I just love it!

  • Heather at honee bee came up with these delicious looking sweet potato chips and a seriously good looking dip! I am a sweet potato fanatic and this look so easy to make/bake and pop into my mouth. Plus, the blog is just too cute to not visit!

  • Any other Pampered Chef lovers out there? I found this Meatloaf recipe on Pinterest and it lead me to the blog Sneaky Spoons (love the name!). I made her meatloaf in my Pampered Chef round covered baker and it was so perfect! Wyatt is a super giant non fan of meatloaf, and I was the mean wife who made it anyway. Guess who ate it for dinner and leftovers for lunch? Yep. The meatloaf hater.

Happy Spring to you all, wherever you are! I hope you get some sunshine and happiness today!


  1. Ohh I am going to try and make that meatloaf for dinner one night soon. Thanks!

  2. Oh no! You should make a trip to the southeast, I can show you what Spring really looks like. 70º and sunny all day! It will thaw you and the pup right out!

    Caitlin C

    1. I am so jealous! That sounds beyond perfect!

  3. Thanks so much for the shoutout! :) I love looking through posts like these! I love that master bedroom update. We are in the process of looking for a house so I pinned for future reference--in love with the headboard!

    1. Thanks Hayley! A friend of mine commented on Facebook that she went and downloaded the book you recommended and loved your post!


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